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After Product Inspection: Sealed Boxes Secure?

The purpose of a after product inspection is to ensure that an importer gets the goods that they expect. After product inspections, many importers will ask their inspectors – internal or 3rd party – to seal and stamp their boxes to ensure that products are not removed, exchanged, tampered with, etc. But, with boxes sealed and stamped, factories would never dare to tamper with the contents, right?

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AQF Interviewed in Shenzhen Daily Newspaper

shenzhen daily article julien roger 142x300 AQF Interviewed in Shenzhen Daily NewspaperShenzhen Daily – April 19th

Just this past week, AQF’s Managing Director, Julien Roger was interviewed in Shenzhen Daily, an English language newspaper printed in the Guangdong province city. The article discusses Mr. Roger’s experience working with foreign buyers, and discussed the busy April trade show month in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the article discusses sourcing trends and the impact of the economic crisis on the quality control and import business. Continue reading

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How Do I Verify My Asian Supplier?

asian supplier verification How Do I Verify My Asian Supplier?A couple of weeks ago, our friends at the China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC) wrote up an interesting article about the most common question they see:

“How can I make sure my Asian supplier is legit and meets my needs?”.

As we commonly write about, Quality Control is of course one major step in the supplier verification process.

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Welcome to China Sourcing Trade Show Season!

china sourcing fair 300x172 Welcome to China Sourcing Trade Show Season!With Global Sources starting up at the end of this week, followed by the Canton Fair, HKTDC and more, Southern China and Hong Kong are preparing for throngs of buyers and an exciting China sourcing month ahead.

Proper planning is necessary to have a successful visit. See some suggestions on how to go about a successful Trade Show visit here.

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Inspection Checklists & Potential Defects

While an importer’s specs and list of expected product defects are vital to perform an adequate inspection, reputable inspection firms like AQF have internal inspection checklists for any range of products.

The benefit of these detailed inspection checklists is that the inspection firm already understands the expected defects and knows what to check, even before receiving the client’s feedback. After receiving the client’s information, the inspection firm can further tailor the service to the specific needs of the client. Continue reading

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Purchase Order Guidelines For Imports

purchase order imports 231x300 Purchase Order Guidelines For ImportsAfter problems with their suppliers, many people then look to their Purchase Order and discover issues within. After a botched order, buyers are left wondering where to turn next? Many people end up contacting Quality Control firms after such a problem with a supplier. However, in many cases the issue is that they did not take the time to write up a proper Purchase Order.

Writing a detailed Purchase Order between you and your supplier is a must. Purchase Orders are business forms designed to enter detailed information for a purchase or sale of goods and services. A Purchase Order, also called a requisition or PO, is a vital part of the financial and accounting aspect of business. Templates are invaluable when learning to write a purchase order. Continue reading

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AQL Inspections & Helpful Information

AQL inspection info 80x80 AQL Inspections & Helpful InformationAQL Inspections & Helpful Information. AQL (ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003)) helps minimize the amount of time (and money) spent on quality control while maximizing efficiency, based on scientific calculations. Almost all major importers, manufacturers and most governments apply this standard. At AQF, we often get asked, which information is necessary to provide for an inspection, so that we can assure that you receive exactly what you have ordered.

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