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Fake suppliers in China: scammers within the law

AQF_Fake suppliers in China- scammers within the lawThe typical fake supplier in China registers a company, draws up documents under some peasant’s name, creates a website with a professional look and hires a few English speaking sales people (unaware their employer is a scam). When all is set, as soon as he receives around 30-50% deposit from a few clients he disappears.

How to check a company’s validity and identify fake suppliers in China Continue reading

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Factors affecting the textile color fastness

AQF_Factors-affecting-the-textile-color-fastnessThe textile color fastness is the capacity of a dyed textile to keep its original aspect without loosing color when being wet, washed or exposed to the light. It is one of the main issue of the textile industry.
In the article « Textile color fastness tests: ISO 105 » we learned how to test the textile color fastness. Today we will see which are the factors affecting the color fastness. Continue reading

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