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Environmental Audits in Asia

environmental audit asia Environmental Audits in AsiaThere are a wide variety of activities that make up ‘environmental auditing.’ An environmental audit is a term that is used to describe evaluations intended to identify the degree of environmental compliance of a factory and any management system gaps. Many companies and organizations are increasingly concerned with making sure the entire supply chain complies with environmental standards. In this light, many companies have set up their own environmental standards, sometimes even more stringent than local legislation. To be effective, these standards need to be assessed within a structured management system: an Environmental Management System (EMS). Continue reading

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Best of China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC): January 2013

2012 CSIC logo11 300x66 Best of China Sourcing Information Center (CSIC): January 2013Amazingly, we are almost a full month into the new year, and have a lot of great China Sourcing Information Center content to review. Check out below some of our favorite articles from January.

Angry Birds Gets Angry Over Counterfeit Angry Birds

A seemingly rare case which the factory decides to do the RIGHT thing. What are the rules for importing licensed products from China? Check out the article above. Continue reading

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Asia Sourcing Dangers of 2012

anonymous production 250x139 Asia Sourcing Dangers of 2012Asia Sourcing Danger #1: Supplier email hacking

We are seeing more and more Asia sourcing professionals falling for the scam where a 3rd party hacks the supplier’s email and convinces the buyer to send money to a private account. In November of 2012, a French company sent a deposit of 29K USD to what they believed to be the supplier they had been dealing with for many years. By the time the buyer and factory realized they had been scammed, the 3rd party closed the bank account and disappeared with the money. Continue reading

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RoHS 2 Regulations in 2013

RoHS 2 regulations have been very important for the past 6 years since they were introduced in 2006. (Check out our past article about why it is important to have this lab testing done while importing: RoHS compliance: Put the odds in your favour)

This time we will talk about the new European Union RoHS Directive known as RoHS2, which was adopted by the European Council in 2011. The new directive attempts to address the issue of non-defined/non-approved/non harmonized compliance marks and reduce confusion by authorizing the use of the CE mark. Continue reading

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AQL Inspection: An Historical View

AQL inspection standards history 300x243 AQL Inspection: An Historical ViewAcceptable Quality Limit (AQL) is the standard used by many Quality Control Inspection firms to determine a proper sampling size and the number of allowable defects. While we previously wrote a post on it, explaining how to use the standard, we often hear importers wondering, what exactly is the AQL standard and from where did it derive? Continue reading

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