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Guanxi In Your China Business Relationships

guanxi china business 300x199 Guanxi In Your China Business RelationshipsAs a sales representative based in Shenzhen, I frequently hear from Western clients who find it hard doing business with Chinese nationals and with their suppliers. They often tell me that it is hard to get close to them and gain their trust. However, anyone who is seeking to do business in China needs to understand Chinese culture – especially the concept of Guanxi.

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Global Sources: Mumbai, now Hong Kong

asia quality focus global sources mumbai 300x224 Global Sources: Mumbai, now Hong KongAsia Quality Focus just returned from the Global Sources show in Mumbai last week. It was a successful turn-out, with nearly 500 buyers coming by our booth for the 3 day event. Many of the buyers were smaller or beginning buyers, but we also saw quite a few top Indian companies, automotive leaders and conglomerates!

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Product Specifications: What Should They look Like?

Mirfig1 300x259 Product Specifications: What Should They look Like? For every product inspection, a list of product specifications and requirements is necessary to check if products are meeting requirements. This information is one of the most important factors in a 3rd party inspection company performing their inspections well.

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Best of China Sourcing Information Center September 2012

asian supplier verification Best of China Sourcing Information Center September 2012Our friends at the China Sourcing Information Center delivered another great month of content in September!

See below our favorite articles from China Sourcing Information Center:


Contracts or Relationships? A concoction of West and East may be best. Indeed, negotiating relationships in China is challenging; this article shares some insights about how to find a middle ground between Chinese and Western methods. Continue reading

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Chinese Dutch trade: So Far Yet So Close

chinese dutch trade 300x201 Chinese Dutch trade: So Far Yet So Close Chinese Dutch trade is booming. Shanghai is for Rotterdam the Gateway to Asia and Rotterdam for China the Gateway to Europe. Even though the ports are physically 9,000 km apart, businesses and consumers in these countries are firmly connected.

The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. With over 11 million TEU a year in containers, it is  the sixth largest port worldwide for containers, after Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Busan. Continue reading

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Master Samples for Quality Production

blacktron golden sample by zpaolo d3fjsoq 300x153 Master Samples for Quality ProductionIn addition to a list of requirements or specifications, it is always wise to have some master samples of the product you want to inspect available the day of inspection.

These precious master samples (called also golden or reference samples in the business) will help you compare what has been agreed between you and your supplier with the current production and also to avoid any misunderstandings (which is more than common in China for example). Of course this alone is not enough, as a clear list of specifications and requirements needs to be defined and agreed between the two parties. Continue reading

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Made and Controlled in China: Inspector training

A SUPPPRIEMR 224x300 Made and Controlled in China: Inspector trainingJumping from inspection to inspection within a week, I can run into four superb productions in a row with a cooperative factory and end up on the fifth day with a scandal, like this one. But for the most part, factories are making utmost efforts to provide a decent service and to offer you a competitive price. Most of these efforts are for your benefit. Continue reading

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The Woes of Small Buyers in China

Through AQF and the China Sourcing Information Center, we are constantly in touch with smaller importers who want to start buying in Asia, avoid intermediaries and thus get a higher profit margin. Unfortunately, these small buyers don’t always have extensive experience importing in Asia and are not aware of the risks that they could face while doing business in this region. Continue reading

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