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Alternative Textile humidity test

AQF_Textile humidity test on-site and at the officeThe textile humidity test is usually performed by any AQSIQ licensed and ISO 9001 certified third party quality control company. It concerns many products with one exception: the textile products.
The inspector only checks the humidity visually and by touch. Such procedure contradicts what was said in previous articles about the risks involved with humidity during a shipment. Therefore, let’s look at the actions that could be taken to improve the on-site test. Continue reading

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GSM testing method and product inspection

AQF_GSM testing methods for garmentsThe GSM testing methods are used to measure the material mass (or density) per square meter. GSM comes from “Gram per Square Meter”. It is a standard unit of measurement commonly used all over the world, even in countries where the usual unit of measurement is the pound (U.S.A). The reason is that the GSM testing methods are the most accurate ones.  Continue reading

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Hailing a Taxi in Shenzhen

AQF_Hailing a taxi in shenzhenDuring a business trip in Asia we usually visit Hong Kong as well as other cities in China such as Shenzhen. Last week we learnt the basic rules for hailing a taxi in Hong Kong successfully. Is hailing a taxi in Shenzhen working the same way? It is pretty straight forward. We just need to stand next to the road and lift our arm. Every taxi has two lights: a small red light inside, and a big taxi sign on the rooftop. The lights are on when the taxi is available for passengers. Continue reading

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