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audits and inspections in Asia

Our inspectors and auditors are stationed near the main manufacturing sites in 14 Asian countries. All reports pass through our Shenzhen head quarter, from where our Operations team prepares and supervises all local offices. This enables us to provide the most reliable services in the industry for audits and inspections in Asia.

Audits and inspections in Asia

Please see the below list for our coverage area in 14 Asian countries and the local conditions. Within our coverage area, our pricing is all-inclusive.

Audits and Inspections in Asia


Outside of our local coverage area, additional travel expenses may apply. Please click on the country you are interested in to find out about the local conditions of audits and inspections in Asia.

For certain product categories in certain areas, we have to send qualified inspectors from other locations. Round trips often take over 10 hours and hotel nights are usually necessary. In this case, additional travel expenses will apply. This is the only way to ensure that our high reliability standards are met.

Reliable Quality Control Across the Board

Our unique strategy assures the most reliable audits and inspections in Asia. Every inspection and audit is prepared by an experienced quality supervisor in our Shenzhen office. The local inspector simply follows the resulting inspection protocol. It contains all important information about product and factory. Afterwards, he sends his draft report back to the Shenzhen office. The same supervisor reviews the report in detail, making sure that all important points have been checked and properly reported.

Inspections in Asia

  • PPI to assure understanding of your product & order 
  • FAI for a successful transition to mass production
  • DPI to improve quality during mass production
  • PSI to detect and solve problems before shipment
  • CLS to ensure punctual & safe transport
  • DSS to sort out all the most important defects
  • PM to continuously understand and improve processes                                                                              

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Audits in Asia

  • SFA supplier assessment (ISO 9001) to see if your supplier is legal and capable from $298
  • EFA thorough investigation of your supplier’s quality assurance (ISO 9001) from $596
  • CSA corporate social responsibility audit (SA 8000) to protect employees and your brand from $596
  • EA environmental audit (ISO 14001) to estimate the environmental impact of your supply chain from $596



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