A Western-managed Quality Control Company

Our company’s goal is simple: we strive to offer the most reliable, impartial and flexible quality control services on-site, in the factories, via our online QC management system.
Who do we serve? Importers, brands, retailers and trading companies of all sizes from all over the world, which have one thing in common: importing goods from Asia. 


Asia Quality Focus Team

AQF Operations Team

Why was Asia Quality Focus founded?

Back in 2007, AQF's founders left the big inspection agencies to create AQF for three main reasons:

  • Many of the large inspection agencies are great marketers but offer clients a very rigid and impersonal experience. AQF was designed to provide a more customer-oriented experience for our clients.
  • Corruption and bribery of inspectors are a major problem for the big companies. As a medium size professional firm, AQF hires, trains and manages inspectors, who we hold to very high standards.
  • Market prices from big companies are too high. We created modern working methods to provide a better and safer service at a lower price.

Moving to the next step with Worms
In 2014, Worms, an operational investor in the Safety Management sector, invested the company to further strengthen its growth and development.

What makes AQF special?

  • We focus exclusively on quality control services and nothing else. We also ensure that our inspectors are screened, well trained and regularly monitored, as we believe that having the highest quality inspectors sets us apart.
  • We are fully committed to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information on the factory floor.
  • Our online system guarantees an efficient service: easy booking and order management, and detailed analytics to adjust your quality control strategy on-time.
  • We are fully certified by the Chinese government & AQSIQ to perform inspections in China and ISO 9001 licensed. 
  • We are owned by a recognized investment group
  • We understand your individual needs and quality expectations, as well as the local business culture. The management team is composed of Western professionals, the operations are executed by highly qualified staff, and the customer service covers 3 continents: Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our Edge: Zero Bribery

AQF has a zero-tolerance bribery policy with its inspectors and auditors and has a strong company strategy to avoid this kind of issue:

  • Top Management is committed and significant due diligence is carried out when hiring.
  • Inspectors' integrity behavior is an essential part of our performance management framework.
  • We give our inspectors a reasonable workload to ensure a healthy work/life balance.
  • We organize frequent company events to promote team spirit.
  • We have frequent On-site Internal Audits and follow up on inspectors’ work on a daily basis. (Managed by the Quality Department)
  • The Factory is informed of AQF's anti-bribery policy and signs it before inspection starts.
  • We pay attention to special cases and scenarios that may lead to attempted bribery by factories.

Our Values

  • Reliability is our number one priority.
  • Quality is of paramount importance in everything we do and is the core of all our business practices.
  • Our people are our most important asset: we focus on integrity and expertise.
  • We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We use technology in order to attain efficiency and excellence.

Our Commitments

  • All of our employees abide by our strict Business Ethics & Compliance Code.
  • We act in full transparency and integrity in conducting our services.
  • We are politically neutral, financially and commercially independent.
  • We will strive to adapt our services to your needs.
  • We do not disclose any information of any kind to any third party. See our privacy policy.


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