Audit & Inspections Prices

Our audit and inspection price is all-inclusive within our coverage area. It is calculated based on the number of inspectors and days of inspection: man-day. Most inspections require 1 man-day. It can vary depending on the inspected sampling size, the number of references and the complexity of your product(s).

Transparent, Straightforward and All-Inclusive

  • Approval sample handling
  • Service preparation: protocol, checklist
  • Service coordination with your supplier
  • Transport within our coverage area
  • Meals, working hours
  • Initial report & final report

Standard services

Standard services
  China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Turkey Rest of Asia
Inspections (per man-day) $298 all-inclusive $398 all-inclusive
Pre-production inspection, First article inspection, During production inspection, Pre-shipment inspection, Container loading inspection, Production monitoring
Factory audits    
Simple factory audit $298 all-inclusive $398 + travel expenses (if applicable)
Extensive factory audit
Corporate social audit
$596 + travel expenses $796 + travel expenses

Special services

Special services
Product testing & certification Contact us
Automotive (inspections and audits) Contact us
Intellectual Property Inspection (IPI) $596 + travel expenses
WRAP audit consultancy Contact us

Options available

Same day Quality Control report


Same-Day Reporting: $30 per report

This service is available for inspections in China only. 
Please note that we offer same-day Pre-Results free of charge upon request.
 To know more about this option, please visit this post explaining why inspection reports are now delivered the next day.

Late Quality Control Booking


Late Booking

Express Service (D-2): $30

Bookings completed between 12 p.m. two Business days* prior to service date, and 9 a.m. one Business day* prior to service date incur 30 USD Express Service fee.

Super Express Service (D-1): $100

Bookings completed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. one Business day* prior to service date incur 100 USD Super Express Service fee.

Late cancellation of quality control services


Late Cancellation: $100

Cancellations and changes made during the Business day* preceding the service date incur 100 USD late cancellation fee.
Cancellations and changes made after 6 p.m. the Business day* preceding the service date cannot be accepted and incur the full price of the order.
Unavoidable third party costs incurred will be charged to the client's account.

Collection of samples Quality control


Collection of Samples: Free of Charge

Our inspectors can collect samples of your products during our service and send them to you or any party you designate (Laboratory...) via your courier account.

Work during holidays Quality Control


Sunday & Holidays: $100 per man-day

We are flexible but need to share additional costs with you if you need our staff to work during official local holidays or Sunday (Friday in Bangladesh). FYI, in most Asian countries, working during official holidays is possible when employees get 3 times their normal salary.

Nighttime overtime Quality Control


Nighttime overtime: $50 per hour

Applicable if the inspector needs to stay after hours (after 5:30 pm) at the inspection site to wait for late production, to supervise late container loading or to implement the necessary corrective actions for some urgent shipments. Of course, we will first inform you about those special situations in order to get your approval to work overtime.

Western inspectors Quality Control


Western Inspectors & Western experts: starts from additional $100 per MD + travel expenses

Currently available for inspections in China only.

Please contact us in advance to book quality control inspections with this option, so we can smoothly arrange our inspectors' schedules and confirm the right inspection date with your vendor.

*Business day refers to working days in China (Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm). Time reference is China Standard Time;

Payment Options

We accept payment through PayPal, all major Credit Cards (Visa, MC, EC, Maestro, Amex, Discover) and TT. For all details, please read our Terms and Conditions.


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