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Our senior management team is based out of Hong Kong, Paris, Boston and Bogota, while our operational team and inspectors are based in China. Our team is composed of quality control and international trade experts, and each member is selected for his/her technical expertise and experience. Our multi-cultural management team understands both the local environment and the requirements of our overseas clients. We dedicate significant resources to selecting and training our team of inspectors and auditors, as their work is an integral part of our mission of reliable service.

We constantly look for new talents to join our expert team. Take the initiative to consult our careers page and contact us.

Advisory board

JulienPortrait Julien

Before moving to China and focusing on the China Inspection and Factory Auditing business in 2005, Julien was engaged in business development on behalf of a European distributor of IP (Intellectual Property / IP core) & semiconductor design tools servicing European blue-chip clients such as Schneider, Samsung, Philips, Airbus and Renault. Earlier work experience was with IBM in Paris. While working with these world class clients and employers, he gained a strong sense of accountability and a philosophy about quality.

In 2007, sensing an opportunity in the China market to provide world class Quality and Auditing services to demanding global buyers, Julien gathered some investors and started Asia Quality Focus with few clients and a handful of employees in Shenzhen China. After selling the company to Worms, Julien keeps an important role in the company development as advisor.



Managing Director

Sebastien de DorlodotPortrait Sebastien

Sebastien, a French national, joined AQF in 2016 to further structure and develop the company. Sebastien holds a Master's degree from the EM Lyon School of Management, and a degree from the University of Paris La Sorbonne.

Sebastien has spent most of his earlier career with a large IT and Consulting firm, working for various clients from the consumer goods and retail industries; Sebastien brings a vast experience in process optimization, technology implementation, digital transformation, and operation in multicultural environments.



Figo, Operations ManagerPortrait Figo

Originally from Taixing city, Jiangsu province, Figo graduated from Wuhan university. Figo joined AQF in 2009. Prior to AQF, Figo worked at STR, a major inspection firm, for more than 10 years. While there, he was the manager of the Hardlines department in charge of inspection and testing. At AQF, Figo is responsible for overseeing our daily operations.

Habib, Quality ManagerPortrait Habib

Habib is responsible for making sure AQF’s clients are well looked after in China. Before AQF, he held various positions responsible for Quality in the automotive industry in China and Europe.

Born and raised in Morocco, Habib lived in France for 10 years and speaks French, English, Arabic and Chinese. He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Quality from the University of Compiegne (France).

Claire, Marketing ManagerPortrait Claire

Claire has been working with China since 2003. She lived in Hong Kong, Spain, and now, France. In Hong Kong she worked for a manufacturer, then an international trading company. After experiencing critical issues with bad manufacturing quality, she decided to learn more about quality control. Interested in this field, she started to work in the QC industry in 2009. She is now AQF Marketing manager. Claire speaks fluently French, English and Spanish. She enjoys cooking, traveling and the photography.

Liling, Administration & Accounting ManagerPortrait Liling

Liling is a Guangdong native and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. At AQF, Liling is responsible for administration and accounting and is based in AQF’s Shenzhen office. Liling is always ready to learn new things and flexible in managing different tasks.


Customer Service Team

Camilo, Americas Customer Service ManagerPortrait Camilo

Camilo, originally from Cali, Colombia first came to Asia in 2010. He decided to come to China after living a couple of years between Medellin and Miami, to learn more about the Chinese Business Culture. He graduated from Icesi University in Colombia with a degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in International Business. Before joining AQF, Camilo spent almost 4 years in the logistics business focusing on customer management and sales development. Camilo is our Customer Service Manager for the Latin American Market and speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. He is based in Colombia and is constantly attending trade shows in South America and Asia.

Lian, EMEA Customer Service Manager

Lian is French-Chinese. She joined the company as an intern few years ago and has shown so much interest in the quality control industry that she has been able to learn a lot in a very short period of time. Lian has a good experience in sales development and customer relationship management. She is based in Paris and attends all our European and Middle East customers.

Johanna, North America Customer Service ManagerPortrait Johanna

Johanna is originally from Lima, Peru. She holds a B.S in Management Studies from Boston University and currently pursuing a M.S in Corporate and Organizational Communication, with emphasis in Project Management. She gained market knowledge working for leading US beverage and beauty brands executing marketing campaigns for multicultural audiences. She has proven success at building long-term professional relationships with her clients. At her previous work position, she was able to experience genuinely Eastern culture working closer with agents from Asia. Johanna speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. She enjoys traveling, photography, and water sports.

Maximilian, APAC Customer Service ManagerMaximilian Hess, APAC Customer Service Manager

Speaking English, French, Spanish and German, Maximilian takes care of our customers in Asia, Oceania and Germany. He grew up in Berlin, lived in Sydney and Malaga. After working in Paris, Maximilian graduated from the University of Geneva and finished his Master's degree at the University of East Anglia. His hobbies are sailing, tennis and badminton.

Sandra, Account ManagerPortrait Sandra

Sandra comes from Qingyuan in the Guangdong province. After graduating, she moved to Shenzhen, where she now works with us as Account Manager. She is interested in many hobbies but particularly likes Yoga and meeting people. Oh, and she's fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

Nathalie, Account ManagerPortrait Nathalie

Nathalie was born in the picturesque city of Pan Zhi Hua in Sichuan province. She graduated from Shanghai International Studies University speaking fluent English, Mandarin and French. Working at BYD and L'Oréal, Nathalie understands the requirements and expectations of Western buyers and importers. Nathalie likes sport such as running, playing badminton, hiking, climbing mountains and reading.


Quality Team

Ludovic, Quality EngineerAQF Quality Engineer Eduaro Moraleja

Ludovic comes from the automotive industry. His working method and experience in the quality departments of well-known manufacturers in China is a great advantage to continuously improve our working processes and service quality. Ludovic is Belgian, and speaks Chinese and English fluently.

James, Quality SupervisorPortrait James

James has over fifteen years of experience in third party quality control. This rich and extensive qualification makes him predestined to implement and improve the AQF Inspectors' performance monitoring and training. James also trains new inspectors on-site to ensure that everyone follows the same principles and requires the comparable quality for products. He also ensures together with the Quality team, that Asia Quality Focus learns and continuously improves. In his spare time, James enjoys table tennis and relaxes with a good book.


Operations Team

Steven, inspection ManagerPortrait Steven

Originally from Hunan province, Steven graduated from Beijing Economic &Technological College. Steven has been involved in the quality control and trading industry for more than 10 years. He came to AQF from the Consumer Products Services Division of Bureau Veritas’ Shenzhen office, where he worked for over five years and was promoted from senior inspector to engineer in 2008. At AQF, Steven is in charge of preparing inspection protocols; reviewing inspection reports. Fluent in Chinese, Cantonese and English.

Michael, Assistant Technical ManagerPortrait Michael

Michael is originally from Hebei province and graduated from ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology). Prior to joining AQF, he has over two years of experience in one of the largest IC manufacturers and 7 years of experience in a third party inspection company. He also supervised the operation of a branch office independently for three years.

Erigor, Technical SupervisorErigor

Erigor comes from JiangXi province and lives in Dongguan with his family. He graduated from Nanchang University in 2006 with a major in applied physics. Erigor has over 5 years work experience in third party company as a senior inspector. At AQF he is technical supervisor and therefore prepares and supports our E&E inspectors. Erigor's hobbies are reading and playing soccer.

Cynthia Gao, Senior Quality SupervisorPortrait Cynthia

Cynthia is from SiChuan province and majored in international trade. She worked in Quality Control for more than 10 years and brings many years of management experience in trading companies and third party inspection companies. In the AQF team, she is mainly responsible for protocol preparation, report reviews and direct customer contact. Cynthia also speaks fluent English and Mandarin. She plays badminton.

Sunlight, Assistant Operations Manager, SoftlinesPortrait Sunlight

Sunlight earned his textile engineer diploma from Nanchang University in 1999 and an MBA from Zhongnan Economic and Law University in 2007. Before AQF, he worked in the textile industry in the QA/QC department of a garment factory and was an inspector for another 3rd party QC company. Sunlight has experience in soft goods and hard goods inspection. Sunlight joined AQF in 2011 and is responsible for overseeing soft goods inspections. Sunlight speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Jacky, Softlines SupervisorPortrait Jacky

Jacky is originally from Guangzhou and graduated from the Guangdong University of Technology. Jacky joined AQF as a soft lines supervisor in 2011. Before AQF, Jacky had many years of experience in product quality control. He worked as product manager and internal auditor for production process for a European retailer and as the senior merchandiser for another international company. Through his experience, he has gained a rich knowledge about product quality and extensive acknowledge on Quality Assurance and production process systems.

Michael, Softlines SupervisorPortrait Michael

Michael was born and raised Hebei province. After finishing his studies, he started at W. L. GORE. During these four years, he learned the details and further developed waterproof testing for jacket and shoes. He also worked in an inspection company for over 10 years. This and his profound experience with textile products enable him to supervise, coach and manage AQF softlines inspectors.
During his spare time, Michael prefers to go to the great outdoor, enjoying the hilly terrain of Guangdong and its coastal area for trekking and hiking.

Denier, Softlines SupervisorPortrait Denier

Denier comes from Shanxi province. He graduated from Xi'an Engineering University with a major in Textile Engineering. He has more than 6 years on-site apparel & fabric quality inspection experience and 1 year lab testing experience in a third party quality control company. He likes playing Ping-pong and basketball.

Joe, Junior Softlines SupervisorPortrait Joe

Joe comes from Gansu province in the North West of China. He graduated from Hubei vocational technical colleague in 2004, major is business English. With over 10 years work experience in quality assurance, he was report supervisor at a well-known QC company and senior inspector in a trading company. At AQF he is soft line supervisor. Joe’s hobbies are reading, swimming and listen to music. His dream is to be an excellent quality supervisor or manager in five years.

Debby, Hardlines SupervisorPortrait Debby

Debby was born in ChongQing; she graduated from Sichuan Foreign Studies University in 2005. She worked for a QC company as a quality coordinator for four years. Debby then worked at a British company for three years to better understand Western quality expectations before finally joining AQF in March 2013 as a HL supervisor.

Gale, Hardlines SupervisorPortrait Debby

Gale has started to work for 3rd Party Inspection Companies in 2010. He is familiar with hardlines products' inspection. In AQF, he works in collaboration with other Quality Supervisors for preparing inspection protocol, explaining the testing method and testing criteria to inspectors, reviewing and validating the inspection reports before final release to clients.

Jackson, Hardlines Supervisor

Jackson joined us in 2015. He has more than 8 years on-site inspection experience in 3rd Party Inspection Companies and trading company. He is specialized in HL products' inspection. He is now working with other AQF Quality Supervisors for preparing inspection protocol, explaining the testing method and testing criteria to inspectors, reviewing and validating the inspection reports before final release to clients.

Alice, Hardlines Assistant Quality SupervisorPortrait Alice

Alice is from HuBei province and brings more than five years experience as quality control supervisor in a Western managed trading company to AQF. At Asia Quality Focus, her main responsibilities are to prepare hardlines inspection protocols, to validate reports and to issue pre-results. She likes baking cookies, cakes very much.

Korsen, Audit supervisorPortrait Vicky

Korsen has a strong experience in Factory Audit and System Management since 2009. He is familiar with SA8000, BSCI, EICC, EHS, COC, ISO9000 and C-TPAT. In AQF, he monitors the auditors' performance, prepares the audit protocol, validates the audit report and conducts some audits on-site.


Coordination Team

Nancy, Coordination ManagerPortrait Nancy

Nancy is AQF's Coordination manager based in our operations head office in Shenzhen. Nancy is originally from Hunan province, and is a graduate of the Hunan City College. Her favourite hobby is singing.

Nancy coordinates certification and laboratory testing services in China. She also supports her team by scheduling inspections and audits in Greater Asia. As experienced coordinator, she assures smooth planning and seamless services.

Rachel, Coordination AssistantPortrait Rachel

Rachel is from JiangXi province and graduated with a major in English. She has more than 2 years experience as assistant for senior positions in famous third party inspection and testing company. At AQF, Rachel's main responsibilities is to follow up key accounts, to coordinate and support order booking for clients. She also supports our coordination team for China and Greater Asia orders. She uses her experience with laboratory testing to coordinate with our laboratory partners for certification projects and schedules inspectors. She is a sunny girl and likes running.

Chloe, Samples coordinatorPortrait Chloe

Chloe was born in Huizhou city in Guangdong province. She studied at the Guangzhou university of language studies, majoring in English culture. After graduating, she worked as account manager in a trading company, learning about the requirements, habits and expectations of Western clients and Chinese suppliers.
In her free time, Chloe loves to dance. She also volunteers at different occasions, such as the Asian Games.

Connie, Hardlines coordinatorPortrait Connie

Connie is hard lines coordinator at the Asia Quality Focus Shenzhen headquarter. She is originally from Henan province but graduated from Jiangxi Agriculture University. She also brings experience with Western clients from an international testing laboratory to our AQF team. To relax, she practices yoga.

Yevon, Electronics & Electrical coordinatorPortrait Yevon

Yevon is coordinator for inspections and audits concerning electronics and electrical products. She was born and raised in Cangxi county of Sichuan province. Yevon graduated from Chengdu medical college and the University of Lancashire, UK. She is able to work under strong time pressure and proactively manages the scheduling of inspectors and coordination with suppliers.


Support Team

Lala, Accounting SupervisorPortrait Lala

Lala is from Anhui province. She holds both, a BBA and a master's degree in Philosophy. Lala has very rich experience as financial supervisor with more than 15 years in a trading company. At AQF, she is mainly in charge of dealing with accounts receivable, data management and reviewing reimbursement rules. She has a very lovely daughter.

Amanda, HR AssistantPortrait Amanda

She is from GuangDong with a degree in Information Security. Amanda worked in an American refrigeration company for more than 3 years as HR Specialist. She is a very smart and open-minded girl. She can speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. At AQF, Amanda is in charge of several HR & Admin tasks. In addition, she is a qualified internal auditor with excellent knowledge of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and how to apply a process for continual improvement of the QMS.

We constantly look for new talents to join our AQF expert team. Take the initiative to consult our careers page and contact us.

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