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Who relies on Asia Quality Focus services

Many AQF clients are first tier suppliers active in the supply chains of well-known companies such as Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sears, Toys R Us, Target, HP, Dell, Vodafone, Virgin, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Walt Disney, Danone, Philip Morris, Porsche, Microsoft, Peugeot, American Express, Hansaplast, Johnnie Walker, Nivea, Lufthansa and many more.

We are grateful to the clients who have graciously shared their opinion about our services. Due to the sensitive nature of most sourcing projects only limited information is mentioned about the person testifying and their company. Letters of recommendations for Asia Quality Focus include:

Comments from importers & retailers

I wish we had used your company sooner…

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the services of Asia Quality Focus. After receiving our 1st report, a major problem was identified (UPC would not scan on over 20,000 packages). The fix was made prior to the shipment leaving port. The service your company provides and the follow up report was very impressive. We will be using AQF for all of our business on all products leaving China. I only wish we had used your company sooner with other suppliers we have had problems with. Thank you.”

Brad, Shareholder - Paper material importer & retailer, USA.


Rapid implementation, flexibility of the team, tailor made follow-up

“As a toy company I really appreciate the rapid implementation and flexibility of your team on-site. It is important to work with a company who knows our organization and process, and I always enjoy the tailor made follow up on our account. Asia Quality Focus local expertise, and reactivity is also an added value for us in order to face any unexpected situations. We keep working like this.”

Antoine, Director - Toys importer, France.


Trust, Reliability and Service

"Trust, Reliability and Service. For me these three standards sums up my dealings with Asia Quality Focus. Every time an inspector goes out, I know I am going to get a very detailed and accurate report of my manufacturers completed work. I always have very specific instructions for inspectors and they make sure they follow it to the letter. My account manager is superb, any questions I have are always answered comprehensively and in a timely fashion. Very worth it to take up this service at any point in the production cycle. It has saved me significant amount of money in weeding out faulty manufacturing batches. Couldn't recommend them more!"

Winston, General Manager - Home furniture importer, Australia.


Professional, detailed and in conformance

“I confirm that Asia Quality Focus is our valuable partner for 3rd party inspection services company, they have been assisting our company by performing inspection service in China to us since 2010. …We have been using their EFA (extensive factory audit), DSS (defect sorting service) and the DSI (during production inspection service) services. The results were over satisfactory; their services are professional and detailed in quality and conformance as shown on their professional inspection reports. We would be more than happy to continue working with AQF as our 3rd party professional inspection service. Their professional work, and their consistency to achieve good results and deliver on time service are always better than our expectations.”

Feng, Buyer - Automotive parts importer, Canada.


Reports are clear and very detailed.

"We have been working with Asia Quality focus since 2006 (…) AQF points out details most other inspectors don't see or don't care about. There are no surprises when we receive shipments, because we get to decide by ourselves if the "default" is acceptable before the shipment and thus before the payment of the goods. 
First of all, the reports are clear and very detailed but you can also discuss the things that are unclear with someone able to talk with the inspector. You can call as soon as the inspection is over in case you have an emergency and in this world where time is money, it helps..."

Laurent, Managing Director - Gifts & Premiums importer, Belgium.


With AQF, our work is more effective and losses are reduced.

"We have quite big experience with Asia Quality Focus in inspection of canned products. It helps us make our work with suppliers easier. The inspection allows us finding quality issues while the goods are still in the factory. This way the defects can be corrected with minimal expenses..."

Stanislav, Managing Director - Logistic and import service company, Russia.


Comments from Asia based traders and manufacturers

Efficiency, attention to details, and reliability

"I have been working in China since 2004 and used Asia Quality Focus when I need an official inspection report for my clients: Cartier, Shanghai Tang, Chanel, Dior etc. My products are mainly made of wood and I deal mainly with displays, boxes and shops decoration in the luxury industry. I like to use AQF for their efficiency, attention to details and reliability in their inspection results."

Benoit, Director - Luxury goods manufacturer, China.


Large enough to be professional, small enough to care about each and every client.

"I am happy to recommend Asia Quality Focus as they offer not only world class service, but also very affordable pricing. They are large enough to be professional but small enough to still care about each and every client. 
Here is how I came to learn about AQF inside & out. Before hiring AQF, I was sending my engineers all over Asia to conduct audits and product reviews with our suppliers. Flying them around the country and paying the hotel bills was a drain on cash flow. So a few years back I looked to outsource the technical audits and 3PQC to an expert. After researching the options we went with AQF and I consider it one of our best business decisions to date. This partnership saves me a large amount of money because at $298 per man-day (all inclusive) I get a professional, trusted and well trained inspector for much less than I could organize on my own.
A few years back I was asked to join the AQF board of advisors, naturally I accepted. I highly recommend AQF every chance I get because they share a commitment to the protection of Intellectual Property in China and demonstrate a clear value in the China supply chain."

Mike, Director - Sourcing agency, China.


Extremely satisfied

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Asia Quality Focus for the good service I have received since we first began to work together […] We have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received from AQF for product inspections and factory audits".

Mario, CEO - High value products trading, Hong Kong.

Comments from Asia Quality Focus resellers

Their biggest differential is their customer service.

"I first started using Asia Quality Focus's services back in 2010 because I was looking for a good and affordable inspection company, since my orders in that time were not so large. I'm happy to say I've always been very satisfied with their services and for this reason I decided to become their re-seller and make sure that other buyers could also benefit from their excellent quality control services.
AQF offers a great service at an affordable price and one of their biggest differential is their customer service. They're always available when I need and answer all the questions that I have in a fast manner."

Rodrigo, Managing director - Trader & Importer, Brazil.

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