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Inspection Services

Quality Inspection Services are available in key locations across Asia to check the status and the quality of your goods at various stages of production. Click here to get more details about what we look for when inspecting your products.



Factory Audits/ Supplier Assessments

Factory Audit Services provide an independent verification of your supplier’s ability to produce the your goods. Audits also help to weed out inexperienced vendors, excess intermediaries and scam artists. Our factory audits services include: Simple Evaluations (1 man-day), In-Depth Assessments (2 man-days), Social Compliance Assessments, Environmental Audits and WRAP Audits.



Laboratory Testing & Certification


At a pan-Asia level, AQF can select an accredited lab, help negotiate pricing and coordinate the product testing on your behalf. This includes confirmation of which certificates and testing methods are required for the your target market. 

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Please contact us if you want help to:

  • Understand where you are exposed to potential quality control problems.
  • Select appropriate tools such as audits and inspection to achieve the desired level of Quality Control.
  • Define which safety certificates are required to import your product to your desired market place.


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