Automotive Factory Audit
in China and Taiwan

In the automotive industry, all phases of production - from product design to delivery of finished product - are carefully controlled to ensure quality targets are achieved. All goods should conform, without exception. The Automotive Factory Audit in China and Taiwan (AFA) helps in controlling the product requirements can be achieved within target prices. 

AFA - Automotive Factory Audit in China & Taiwan

The Automotive Factory Audit service helps clients assess supplier and implement corrective actions to strengthen the quality management system. It is performed by experienced and certified ISO TS 16949 and VDA auditors, and based on those standards

It is possible to customize the Automotive Factory Audit in China and Taiwan based on your brand-specific requirements and needs.

The Automotive Factory Audit can be performed in China, Taiwan and accross Asia by AQF starting at $498 per man-day.

Countries in Asia

  • China, Taiwan
  • Other countries: please contact us 
    to check the conditions



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