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The Simple Factory Audit (SFA) should be performed before to place an order with a new vendor and only takes one day. The Simple Factory Audit in China and Asia is done at your potential manufacturer's premises, anywhere in Asia.

What is the benefit of a Simple Factory Audit?

Performed by ISO 9001 certified auditors, the Simple Factory Audit in China and Asia is also based on the ISO 9000 standard. It is a simpler version of our main service: the Extensive Factory Audit. If it's the first time you are working with a factory and/or you wish to build a long-term partnership, we recommend a factory audit. When importing from Asia it is important to know exactly whom you are dealing with: a vendor, a factory or even a middleman. 

Highlights of the Simple Factory Audit in China & Asia

  • Avoiding scams and inexperienced vendors.
  • Compare potential vendors and select viable source.
  • Check the needed certificates and licenses for the specific factories.
  • Check the factory's experience in manufacturing your product(s).

What do we check during a Simple Factory Audit?

  1. Quality System: on-site visit to confirm if there is a QC system in place. If yes, we’ll give you our general impression of the system
  2. Factory Profile: official business name, ownership, organization chart, contact details, production line status, production capability and capacity
  3. Employees and Workforce: overview of HR policies, management style and workers situation
  4. Experience: trade history, client information, available samples
  5. Verification of Documentation: review of licenses and certificates

Why should I book a Simple Factory Audit in China or Asia?

An on site visit by an experienced auditor is the only way to verify your potential business partner's profile. This Simple Factory Audit in China and Asiawill allow you to know who you are dealing with for only $298 all inclusive.

Please visit our Pricing page for more information about our fees.

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