Intellectual Property Inspection
in China and Asia

To protect intellectual property (IP) in China or anywhere Asia, it is essential to monitor the supply chain. The IPI - Intellectual Property Inspection in China and Asia is designed to answer to the following questions:is my supplier trustworthy and able to protect my IP?

The AQF IPI (ISO/IEC 27001) assesses the willingness and ability of a supplier (or potential supplier) to protect your intellectual property in China or anywhere in Asia. It can be performed before placing an order or during mass production. Corrective actions can be taken based on the IPI results. Intellectual Property Inspections in China and across Asia start at $596 (travel expenses may apply).

Intellectual Property Inspection Details

Our IPI, Intellectual Property Inspection in China and Asia, is based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security management. It covers:

Factory profile: official business name, ownership, organization chart, contact details, production line status, production capability and capacity.

Leakage prevention systems on the supplier side. This covers: security procedures, contracts, NDA’s and staff training.

On-site facility assessment assesses the visibility of sensitive products. We check if protected items are on display in the sample room. We verify if sensitive areas (like branded components in the stock room) are protected from unauthorized access. We review the management and storage of product-specific tooling. We also research if sensitive products are marketed in the supplier's brochures or on the Internet.

Information Technology Review: antivirus software, sensitive electronic documents accessibility, management of removable computer media.

14 Countries in Asia

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