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Factory Audit Services in Taiwan

Ensure you're working with the right supplier in Taiwan

Why importers often audit their supplier's facility

Many importers understand the risks inherent in manufacturing abroad. It’s often difficult to know where manufacturing will actually take place and whether the factory is legitimate without conducting an audit. By auditing the factory, you get an inside look at the facility to verify if you’re working with the right supplier or one you should avoid.

factory-audits-in-taiwan.jpgA factory audit in Taiwan can confirm a number of important areas, depending on audit type, including:

  • Proper equipment and the production capacity to manufacture your product in the quantities demanded
  • Engineering and design capabilities
  • Quality management systems, typically following ISO 9001 standards
  • Adherence to social compliance or responsible sourcing standards, following any number of brand/retailer frameworks
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Professional audits are especially helpful for importers at the end of the sourcing process when trying to vet two or more potential suppliers in Taiwan. An audit gives you the transparency needed to make a more informed decision about which supplier to work with.

How can AQF help you conduct a factory audit in Taiwan?

AQF audits factories throughout much of Asia, including in Taiwan. Our team of local auditing experts have inspected factories in a variety of industries using several different auditing frameworks.

You’ll receive detailed reports complete with photos of any issues found on-site. For audits related to social compliance, we can also create a corrective action plan (CAP) with our suggested remedies for any problems found during the audit.

Whether your goal is to investigate a supplier before placing your first order, or confirm that an existing supplier meets the standards of a new retailer, a factory audit in Taiwan can help. By verifying your Taiwanese suppliers with an audit, you can catch and avoid any problems before they negatively impact your brand.