Why Choose AQF

Discover why importers around the world rely on AQF as their QC provider

AQF Online

AQF Online, AQF’s own online data management platform, gives clients both flexibility and transparency. Personalized dashboards give them actionable and data-driven insights with historical and real-time performance at the supplier, PO and SKU levels. Clients can also review past reports, book services and even pay invoices within minutes online anytime, anywhere.

Global client support team

Our global client support team is fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese and French and readily available by email, phone and Skype to answer all of your questions. You can also easily reach them to review inspection results and give feedback via call or video chat. A client support representative can also meet with you in Asia or accompany you to a factory visit as needed. 

No answering machines. No outsourced call centers. Just person-to-person solutions.

Western management

Our Western management team is based on the ground in Asia full-time to direct and work alongside our local inspection teams. With both a Western mindset and local expertise, our goal is to operate as an extension of your organization and be your eyes and ears abroad.

In sharing a cultural like-mindedness with our clients, we understand the quality expectations and common inspection standards of major Western brands and retailers in a variety of markets. We ensure your expectations are being met from the time we book an inspection or audit to issuing you a detailed report and following through to answer any questions you have.

High integrity

Our industry-leading Code of Ethics protects your business against issues that sometimes affect manufacturing, such as bribery, confidentiality breaches and conflicts of interest between the factory staff and QC inspectors. AQF upholds a culture of high integrity in all of our services and interactions with our clients, suppliers and partners.

No long-term contracts or service minimums

There’s no need to sign a long-term contract or place a large order to begin working with us. And as your manufacturing and QC needs change over time, you’re free to start and stop using our services at your discretion. We understand every manufacturer is different, so we encourage you to evaluate our processes and effectiveness firsthand at your level of comfort.

Customized and flexible

When it comes to manufacturing, sudden problems can arise, and the situation can change quickly. That’s why you’ll value the flexibility we offer in adapting our services specifically to your QC needs to provide you with customized service. From providing a tailored quote, to advising the appropriate quality standard and inspection criteria for your product type, we provide the solutions that are best for your unique circumstances, product and budget.

Comprehensive service

Since 2014, AQF has been a part of the Worms Safety alliance of quality management specialists. This gives you exclusive access to a more complete array of quality management and testing services such as QC product inspections, social compliance & industry auditing and lab testing coordination.

Our inspectors have years of experience in inspecting a broad variety of product categories, from automotive components and consumer electronics, to textiles and footwear. We’re also certified in ISO9001:2015, a professional standard related to quality management systems.

Swift response and documentation

Our team is always ready when you need us. We can be in your supplier’s factory and reporting back to you in as little as 24 hours from the time you request a booking.

You’ll generally receive inspection reports within 24 hours of service completion and at no additional cost to help you make timely decisions and cut down on costly delays. All of our inspection reports include clear photos of product samples, packaging and relevant order components to help you clearly visualize quality issues.

AQF understands that the key to any great partnership is communication. Find out how we can help you manage quality and supplier risk throughout your supply chain in Asia.

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