Recommended Verbiage For Client To Send To New Factories/Vendors (English & Chinese)

The below is verbiage we recommend sending to all vendors/factories which we will be engaging for the first time:

You may modify this to fit your particular situation or use it as-is. In particular, depending on your relationship with the vendor/factory, you may want to delete or modify the sections that state who is responsible for the cost of late/rush or other booking fees, and for the costs of re-inspections in case of a FAIL result. In any case, you must send an introduction to the factory/vendor with InTouch in copy in order for us to get started.

This message is to let you know that we will be working with 3rd party QC firm InTouch Services to perform auditing and/or product inspection and testing services on our behalf. This process will allow us both to rest assured that the product quality meets our standards and will help us ensure you as our long-term partner. There are some things which you should be aware of in regard to these QC services:


  • InTouch has a set of booking rules which they will send to your shortly. We require that you adhere to these rules. Late/Rush bookings and cancellations, and bookings on weekends/holidays may incur extra charges which will in all cases be billed back to you.
  • InTouch有一套服务预约细则,此细则InTouch稍后会发送给贵司。我司要求贵司遵守这些细则。过迟/紧急预约和取消,周末和法定节假日预约可能导致产生额外的收费,在任何情况下因此产生的额外费用将会向贵司收取。
  • A representative from InTouch will be contacting you within the next 48 hours to follow-up on the above points. InTouch’s Code of Ethics will be sent to you to review prior to scheduling any services. After the inspection is complete, you will be asked to sign InTouch’s Factory Inspection Acknowledgement detailing the service results, as well as InTouch’s Factory Integrity Declaration Form which prohibits any improper benefits from being offered to InTouch staff.
  • 名InTouch代表将会在未来四十八小时联系贵司跟进以上细节。在安排任何服务之前,InTouch会发送InTouch的道德守则至贵司负责 人的邮箱。检验服务完成后,InTouch会要求贵司相关负责人签署一份包括检验结果的工厂确认书和一份避免向InTouch工作人员以各种形式提供赠予 礼品/礼物/钱财的诚信声明。

Applicable to Product Inspections, Production Monitoring and Other Services:


  • We will pay the costs of all 1st inspections. However, if due to your unpreparedness or poor product quality the inspection results in a FAIL rating, all re-inspection costs will be billed back to you. For more information on the QC standards by which the product will be inspected, please feel free to contact either InTouch or myself.
  • 我们将会支付第一次检验的所有费用。但是,如果由于贵司的不配合或产品品质低劣导致检验结果不合格,所有重验费用将会向贵司收取。关于将要检验产品的质量控制标准的更多信息,请随时与InTouch或者我司联系。
  • All goods should be 100% completed and packed in order for inspection. In certain cases, you may request an exception to this rule. In such cases, please contact me directly for approval.
  • 所有货物必须百分之百完成且包装好,整齐摆放以备检验。在某些特殊情况下,贵司可以请求不遵循这条规则,此类情况请直接联系我司征求同意。
  • For services within Mainland China, InTouch generally issues an official report within 6 hours of completing the service. For services outside of Mainland China, InTouch generally issues an official report the next business day. We expect to review the findings presented in the report prior to your shipment of any goods in question. Should you require advance notification from us related to how you may proceed based on a PASS, PENDING, or FAIL inspection rating, please contact us at least 3 working days prior to the inspection with this request. If you have not been advised how to proceed based on the results of an inspection by InTouch, please do NOT ship the goods without first receiving explicit authorization from me.
  • 对于在中国大陆地区的服务,通常情况下InTouch会在服务结束的6个小时之内将报告发出。对于在中国大陆地区以外的服务,通常情况下 InTouch会在服务结束后的第二个工作日将报告发出。在报告收到之后,我们会先阅读报告上发现的问题,如果任何货物存在质量方面的问题,我们不希望贵 司对我们的货物安排出货。如果贵司不清楚应该如何应对一份结果为通过、待定或不通过的报告,请至少在检验前3天和我们联系。当贵司收到InTouch的报 告后,在我们没有给出明确指示的情况下,请不要在没得到我司允许的情况下对此批货物安排出货。

Applicable to Supplier Reviews, Factory Audits, and Any Service that Requires Factory Access:


  • InTouch will be performing a service on our behalf that requires they have significant access to your facility, including the production, design, and storage areas that are related to the product we may be contracting you to produce. Please provide InTouch auditors access to these areas, provide them all necessary information, and allow them to photograph all related facilities. If you have any issue with this, please advise us ASAP, and at least 3 days prior to this service being performed at your facility.
  • InTouch将会代表我司执行服务,他们有权进入生产我司产品的相关区域,包括生产、设计和存储区域。请允许InTouch审核员进入这些区 域, 并为其提供所有必要信息,允许其拍摄所有相关设备的照片。贵司对此若有疑问,请立即和我联系, 至少在InTouch在贵司执行服务的三天前告知。