Social Compliance Audits

Collaborate ONLY with Socially Responsible Factories & Pass Your Retail Audit

Social compliance is rapidly becoming a top priority for manufacturers and large retailers. With more than 12 years of experience with social compliance audits, AQF reviews all findings in detail with both you and the factory, and works with factory management to quickly rectify non-compliant areas.

The Benefits of Working with AQF

  • social compliance audit

    Avoid irreparable damage to your business’ reputation caused by working with non-socially compliant factories in China
  • Assess the compliance level at the facility
  • Identify specific areas of concern and deficiencies that require corrective action
  • Develop corrective action plan to promote improvement at your supplier's facility
  • Follow-up with future site visits to reassess the compliance level and check the progress

Discover Our Social Compliance Auditing Best Practices

AQF has worked with hundreds of factories in China to ensure that their practices, facilities, and paperwork are consistent with the requirements of major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Disney.

How Can Social Compliance Benefit Your Organization?

More importantly, AQF will work hand-in-hand with your team and the factories that supply you to ensure that suppliers are engaged in fair and legal employment practices, are not causing unacceptable damage to the environment, and are organizations that you would be proud to call partners.

Social Compliance & Retailers

Find out how AQF can help your suppliers comply with Social Responsibility and Ethical Sourcing codes specific to retailers such as:

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