Manage Quality throughout the manufacturing cycle to meet your quality objectives and avoid supply chain disruption. Guarantee time-to-market and ensure customer safety and satisfaction.


FBA Inspection

Ensure that all products meet the FBA requirements and guarantee your product quality on the same time.

  • Are your products complying to the FBA requirements?
  • Are there proper labels on your products?
  • Are your products of good quality?
  • Are your suppliers providing the right quantity of my products?

Technical compliance file

Validate your product technical documents and help you meet your target market's local regulations.

  • How to ensure product compliance when entering a new market?

  • Are we collecting all the documents needed?

  • How can we know which documents are about to expire?

  • Where can we view all your product documents?

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Defect Sorting

Avoid supply chain disruption and guarantee goods shipped meet your requirements and safety standards. Deliver goods that meet your consumers quality expectations.

  • How seriously is my order affected by specific defects?
  • What is the overall situation of non-conformity of my total order?
  • How can I get the guarantee than only conforming goods are shipped?
  • How many goods meet my quality requirements?
  • How can I make sure goods shipped have zero defects?

Production Monitoring

Audit the manufacturing process, and take the right corrective actions, to keep control over the manufacturing quality of your goods.

  • How can I avoid any further production delays?

  • How can I make sure production will go smoothly?

  • How can I improve the quality of my goods?

  • How can I avoid specific non-conformities or defects?