evaluate new potential suppliers and monitor regular suppliers

What is an Extensive Factory Audit?

An Extensive Factory Audit is part of an effective quality assurance program to minimize risks and improve supply chain performance. Also referred to as a Manufacturing Audit, factory audit or supplier technical audit, an extensive factory audit is frequently used to evaluate potential new suppliers in major manufacturing locations and globally and monitor regular suppliers. It vets your vendor’s capability to fulfill your orders in the desired quantity, meet your quality objectives, and comply with timeframes. 

AQF’s trained and certified auditors conduct an on-site evaluation of a factory based on International Standard, ISO 9001, and other AQF checkpoints critical to understanding and qualifying your supplier. 

Each manufacturing audit is unique, combining AQF’s manufacturing audit checklist, which includes over 100 checkpoints, with your specific requirements. AQF auditors can also provide you with a detailed technical audit corrective action plan to assist with smooth implementation of any necessary improvements. 


AQF can arrange an Extensive Factory Audit within 48 hours and guarantee your manufacturing audit report is available one working day after the audit.


AQF main checks performed*

  • Factory profile & experience
  • Employee and workforce
  • Facilities, machinery, and equipment
  • Licences, certificates, etc.
    ISO 9001, ROHS, CPSIA, Proposition 65
  • Quality management system
  • Environmental & Social conditions


*Contact us to receive a copy of our comprehensive audit report samples.

Why do you need
a Manufacturing Audit?

  • Be confident you’re choosing the most viable source
  • Avoid scams and ensure suppliers’ reliability
  • Protect your reputation and verify your suppliers meet all applicable regulations (including labor rights)
  • Minimize risks at an early stage
  • Save time and money by preventing problems rather than curing them
  • Monitor your suppliers quality management system over time
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Detailed and tailor-made. Discover how AQF assesses goods quality and safety when performing an inspection. Review an AQF sample report related to your product of interest.

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