More than regulatory compliance


Our TCF Solution isn’t just about product technical documentation or meeting regulatory requirements. It's about guaranteeing product safety, earning a solid brand reputation based on high standards of quality, and getting to market fast.

No matter how big or small your business is, we’ll see that you’re ready for success and compliance within your target market.

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Key areas where we assist

AQF experts can help you to comply with the strict requirements imposed and beyond leveraging our experience in multiple industries including hardlines, softlines, and electronics.

  • Consumer pressure
  • Time-to-market pressure
  • Compliance knowledge gaps
  • Organized data collection
  • Increasingly strict EU regulations
  • Validating volumes of documents quickly

Attest that your imports comply with the latest applicable standards and regulations using a digital Product ID, indicating:

  • Applicable protocols
  • Documentation validation/rejection
  • Validity over a defined period

TCF - The #1 platform for product technical compliance

Our TCF Advantages


AQF’s Technical Compliance File solution provides visibility into file progress, consumer satisfaction, and one-click documentation sharing with authorities. Your technical compliance file (TCF) will be available for up to 10 years. We also establish procedures, define the scope of compliance, and help determine any additional quality and safety criteria. 


Reliable proof of compliance

Dollar Sign

Costs and time savings (vs. internally handled)


Flexible resource allocation


Rapid, one-click response to authorities


Increased consumer satisfaction

Global visibility in 1-single platform



  • Real-time data
  • Supplier performance
  • In-progress/completed/expiring files
“We’ve noticed an 80% reduction in TCF file rejections since we started using AQF’s Product Technical Compliance File Solution.”
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