To help protect your consumers and brand’s reputation, AQF relies on the services and expertise of a network of laboratories that sit under WORMS SAFETY LABORATORIES. They have years of experience in offering product testing for consumer goods so you can check your product compliance, quality, and performance at critical stages across your supply chain.
WORMS SAFETY LABORATORIES encompass specialist companies including, API Lab and SgT Lab, and benefits from their respective technical knowledge in household and textile goods. They hold several accreditations recognized internationally and can test consumer goods based on the European, American and Mercosur standards and regulations, along with those from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan and more.
Main accreditations
  • HOKLAS: Programa de Acreditación de Laboratorios de Hong Kong
  • CNAS: Servicio Nacional de Acreditación de China para la Evaluación de Conformidad
  • CPSC: The Consumer Product Safety Commission

About API Lab

With laboratories in Asia and Europe, API lab specializes in household goods safety testing and toys safety testing. With 30+ years of experience, they are quality assurance experts.
The lab can perform physical and mechanical testing, chemical testing, electrical testing, performance testing, and fit-for-use testing.
Products testing knowledge
  • Food contact testing
  • Electrical product testing types
  • Festive decoration testing types
  • Electrical product performance evaluation
  • Furniture testing
  • Tools & DIY product testing types
  • Toy testing
  • Tools & DIY product performance evaluation



  • HOKLAS Certificate of Accredited Laboratory
  • ISO 17025 certificate
  • Hong-Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification (HKTIC) Membership certificate
  • CNAS accreditation for Ningbo Lab
  • Chinese Accredited Bodies Certificate of Membership
The corporate logo of API, an expert on the household goods and toys quality assurance

About SgT Lab

With 10 years of experience in textile products quality assurance, the SgT laboratory comprises a multi-cultural team of textile technicians and international clothing experts. The laboratory can test textile products based on international standards such as ISO, ASTM, AATCC, US CPSC, EN, BS, DIN and NF.


Products testing knowledge
  • Textile compliance testing
  • Textile functional testing
  • ISO 17025 certificate
  • CPSC
The corporate logo of SgT group, the textile quality specialist of the WORMS SAFETY Alliance