The rPET solution by AQF's smart laboratory is a great helper to achieve our sustainable goal

WEBINAR: Sustainability Science: ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine

Watch the replay to our live webinar ‘Sustainability Science: ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine’ to find out more about our scientific solution to verify recycled polyester.

Key topics covered

  • About sustainability and a circular economy
  • Worms Safety Laboratories overview
  • Recycled polyester verification and testing
  • Q&A


the benefits of our rpet solution 


  • Increase certainty: Verify that there is recycled polyester in the recycled polyester you buy
  • Ensure quantity: Get  the % of the % of recycled polyester you buy
  • Pay the right price: Be sure about  what you pay for
  • Increase marketing awareness: Communicate on it and support your sustainable strategy


AQF_Recycled Polyester Testing

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