avoid supply chain disruption

What is AQF Defect Sorting Service?

A Defect Sorting Service is essential for avoiding supply chain disruptions and verifying 100% of goods shipped from major manufacturing locations and globally. meet your quality standards. Also referred to as Defect Removal, this quality control solution is performed when a consignment has failed the pre-shipment inspection process, or as a substitute for pre-shipment inspection of high-value products.

AQF qualified inspectors examine the entire batch of finished goods in detail before shipment to ensure they meet all your quality expectations and applicable regulatory requirements. They identify and remove the defective products from the production batch. Defect free products are shipped while finished goods with defects are discarded or reworked. 


AQF can arrange Defect Sorting Service within 48 hours and guarantee your defect sorting inspection report within less than 24 hours. 


AQF main checks performed*

  • Specific checkpoints from client
    (including workmanship)
  • Quantity check


*The defect sorting service is fully customized based on your specific quality issues.

Why do you need
a Defect Sorting Service?

  • Identify the real percentage of defects affecting your product’s quality
  • Obtain evidence to negotiate with vendors
  • Ensure your time-to-market by shipping on-time
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering defect free products
  • Protect your brand and demonstrate your strong commitment to quality
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Detailed and tailor-made. Discover how AQF assesses goods quality and safety when performing an inspection. Review an AQF sample report related to your product of interest.

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