Remote operations help us maintain quality control under challenging time

Why do you need remote operations?

Product quality is essential to a brand's reputation no matter what circumstance. Travel restrictions and traffic limitations can be challenging to conduct quality control physically. Therefore, we developed remote operations to assist your global supply chain.

AQF remote operations, including remote audit, remote sample validation, and remote inspection, enable you to focus on factory qualification assessment; sample conformity; product quality throughout the production process, even thousand miles away.

How remote operations work?

1. Switching Physical operations to Remote Operations with client’s approval mentioning the relevant risks
2.Coordinating with the factory to have at least two factory staffs support the whole process (one responsible for video shooting, the other one responsible for following up our instructions through the lens). Ideally the staff should be from the factory’s QC team and be familiar with the quality control processes.
3. Coordinating with the factory with the video device to be used, such as HD camera or smart phone. And ensure the Wi-Fi signal or 4G communication signal in the inspection/audit area.
4. Confirming the time to conduct real-time connecting, Other personnel responsible to support all the on-site testing or on-site verification as required.

What are the benefits of remote operations?


  • Increased efficiency: reduce the time needed traveling to remote locations
  • Faster decision: real-time exchange of visuals and documents
  • Greater visibility: any doubt about the factory's cooperativeness or veracity of the information will be immediately reported to the client
  • Cost savings: reduce potential travel expenses


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