Avoid loss of business by identifying problems before shipment.

What's an AQF pre-shipment inspection?

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is an essential element of supply chain management. PSI is also referred to as a Final Random Inspection (FRI). This inspection takes place at the end of the production process when 80% to 100% of the goods are manufactured and packed for export.

AQF inspectors visit your vendor’s site to conduct a physical inspection of goods on a randomly selected sample of manufactured products using the statistical sampling procedure ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQ Z1.4).

We customize each inspection to focus on what is important for you by combining our standard inspection checklists with your unique product requirements and Acceptable Quality Limits. AQF Pre-Shipment Inspection checklists provide an extensive classification of defects and on-site tests based on international standards (EU, USA, AU and more). 

AQF can arrange a Pre-Shipment Inspection in Asia within 48 hours and release your inspection report and certificate of inspection within less than 24 hours. 

Same day


To stay in control of your time-to-market you can book this exclusive AQF service.

It allows you to order a PSI as late as 08:00* am on the day of the inspection; an inspector will be dispatched immediately, and you will receive your inspection report on that same day**, before 10 pm.

*Based on China Standard Time, for selected product categories and provinces in China.
**Check service conditions


AQF main checks performed*

  • Quantity
  • Workmanship
  • Packaging & Labelling
  • Dimensions and Weights
  • On-site tests examples:
    Carton drop test (ASTM D5276), Smell test, Function test, Color fasten test, GSM test, Adhesive test (ASTM D3359-02), Abuse test, Resistance test, Hi-pot test, Internal check


*Contact us to receive a copy of our comprehensive pre-shipment inspection checklists.

why do you need a PSI

  • Avoid business losses due to costly goods returns or rework
  • Save time and money by solving problems before shipment
  • Improve quality by taking immediate corrective actions with your supplier's
  • Ensure efficient warehouse management with correct packing and labeling
  • Guarantee high customer satisfaction by shipping the right goods
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Monitor your supplier's performance
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Detailed and tailor-made. Discover how AQF assesses goods quality and safety when performing an inspection. Review an AQF sample report related to your product of interest.

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