Sporting Goods, Fitness Equipment and Bicycle Inspections

AQF has Trained QC Inspectors that Specialize in Bicycles, Scooters and Sporting Goods

Quality control of sporting and fitness equipment is especially important when it comes to safety. AQF has years of experience with product inspection of home and commercial use exercise equipment, skates, lawn darts, sports balls, protective equipment and pads, helmets, camping equipment, sunglasses, swimming aids, scooters and bicycles.


Recommended for Every Shipment

  • Our specialized bicycle inspection team has quality checking procedures to verify the integrity of steering systems, drive chain, frame and fork assembly, saddle durability and comfort, brakes, pedals, wheels, reflectors and chain guards and will test your product on-site for rigidity, finish stability, and road use
  • Items pulled from the inspection are sent for Sporting Goods Lab Testing

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Inspecting Your Sporting Goods?

Sporting, exercise and recreational equipment products require close attention to quality as these products are often operated either at high speeds or under heavy loads. Due to this, AQF auditors evaluate these products thoroughly for structural integrity and proper function. All client provided specifications and design files are used on-site at the factory to verify weld locations and integrity, as well as proper hardware installation.

sporting goods inspectionBicycles and scooters are subjected to a wide range of functional tests to ensure smooth operation of all drive-train components (sprockets, gears, chains, dérailleur), both while static and during real-world ride testing while the product is under load.

If you manage a brand, retail operation, or have clients that are relying on you to provide a quality product in every shipment then do not settle for inspection companies who use untrained and underpaid local inspectors.

AQF QA teams are trained and our inspectors often have an engineering background. We’ll make sure you have the right team for the job and that your products are getting evaluated carefully and with high regard for product quality.

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