Mobile Phone Inspections

Pre-shipment inspection of mobile phone hardware and software

mobile phone inspectionHow can you ensure the cell phones you manufacture can withstand prolonged daily use?

Pre-shipment mobile phone inspection is a vital step to check for product defects, safety issues and other nonconformances in your product before they reach customers. Your mobile phone inspection should always include checks of both the hardware and software.

Mobile Phone Assembly and Component Inspection

  • Visual inspection for structural and aesthetic defects through comparison with approved samples and CAD sketches, checking dimensions, color, weight, cable length, logos and labeling
  • Verify correct assembly against any available component data form (CDF), including LCD display, speaker, microphone, printed circuit board (PCB), main integrated circuit (IC) and buttons
  • Check internal construction, including proper clearance between live parts and conductors and secondary parts, as well as the condition of solder joints, PCB, copper foil and screws
  • On-site functional testing, including powering device on and off, function of capacitive touch screen, display brightness and broken pixels, headphone output and ports
  • On-site battery testing and electrical testing for charger, including charge and discharge test, battery short-circuit test, battery drop test, checks for protection resistance and transformer, charger output voltage test and hi-pot test

Mobile Phone Software Testing

  • Camera functions, including testing video and photo capturing, flash, zoom and face tracking
  • Playback functions, including playing music and video, image editing and file copying and deletion
  • Bluetooth functions, including testing search range and time, pairing and file transferring capabilities
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, including testing network search, recognition and connection
  • Memory card recognition testing
  • Outgoing and incoming call receiving, including testing SIM card recognition, ring volume and tone, vibration, microphone, caller ID and call history
  • SMS texting capabilities, including sending, receiving and storing messages
  • GPS, calculator and clock/alarm function testing for accuracy
  • Third-party application installation and functionality testing using VPN, where applicable

How You Benefit from Hiring AQF to Conduct Your Mobile Phone Inspections

You’ll receive AQF’s report within 24 hours after service completion and at no extra cost. If you have questions about your report or on-site testing results, your dedicated, English-speaking client manager is always available by email, phone or Skype for discussion.

In addition to the insight you’ll gain from the above on-site tests, you’ll also benefit from AQF’s cell phone inspection reports by:

mobile phone inspection
  • Seeing clear photos of your mobile phones, testing results and any product defects found to give you a detailed view of the quality and status of your shipment
  • Understanding the durability and compliance of your product packaging, when available, through packaging inspection, including checks of retail packaging, barcode scan test and carton drop test
  • Having assurance of accurate reporting and protection against supplier disputes and delays with a factory representative’s signature and acknowledgment of inspection results with every inspection

AQF also works in collaboration with certified laboratory partners to ensure your products comply with mandatory FCC regulations and Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer battery shipping regulations.

When conducted by an experienced third-party inspection company, pre-shipment mobile phone inspection will not only ensure your product meets customer demands, but also protect your brand from product liability issues and product recalls.

Pricing for Mobile Phone Inspection

AQF bills inspections in man-days, starting at US$298 per man-day all-inclusive. The number of man-days you pay for depends on the following factors:

  • Inspection scope – more on-site tests and check take longer to perform
  • Sample size – larger sample sizes take more time to inspect
  • Factory location – factories located in remote areas take more time to travel to

Our all-inclusive rates include costs of the inspector traveling to the facility and other expenses associated with the service.

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