Tesco Ethical Trading Verification

InTouch Verifies Your Suppliers Are Meeting Tesco’s Standards

Tesco is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, and must source their products from all over the globe to meet customer demand. In order to ensure that their global supply chain operates in accordance with high ethical standards, Tesco has developed the Ethical Trading Initiative. The ETI Base Code is a comprehensive document that describes the socially responsible practices all suppliers and subcontractors must adopt in order to manufacture Tesco products.

InTouch compliance auditors will evaluate your suppliers against the very same standards as Tesco’s own inspection teams. InTouch will then directly address with your supplier all instances of non-compliance with the Base Code in areas such as:


Tesco Labor

Tesco’s Base Code prohibits the use of child and compulsory labor, as well as the retention of employee documents such as identification and working permits as a prerequisite of employment. Furthermore, Tesco requires that suppliers found to violate this provision of the Base Code must provide for the transition of any child laborer into quality education until no longer a child. InTouch compliance auditors will quickly identify these unethical labor practices, and work with you suppliers to develop and implement transition programs for any child laborers found.

Tesco Health and Safety

Included in the Base Code are provisions to ensure that the living and working conditions of all employees in Tesco’s global supply chain are safe and sanitary. Among these provisions are requirements that employees have access to clean toilet facilities and to potable water; as well as stipulations that management actively take steps to minimize or eliminate hazards inherent in the working environment. During factory audits, InTouch compliance auditors can determine the presence and maintenance of sanitary facilities as well as safety equipment and procedures. Where these are lacking, InTouch will work closely with your suppliers to implement health and safety best practices. 

Inhumane Treatment

Physical abuse or discipline, sexual or other harassment and other forms of intimidation are all prohibited under the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, and all instances of disciplinary action must be recorded. Furthermore, the Base tesco4.jpgCode opposes any discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.

Through confidential employee interviews, InTouch compliance auditors can determine if suppliers use discriminatory or inhumane disciplinary practices. Thorough record audits will allow InTouch to verify that disciplinary action is properly recorded. When instances of non compliance with these provisions is discovered, InTouch will work alongside your supplier to discourage the use of inhumane disciplinary or discriminatory practices, and implement proper record keeping guidelines.

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