Product Specific Inspection

Hire an Expert in YOUR Product

Sometimes you need someone on the ground in China who really understands, and moreover, has experience, in your specific product category. AQF auditors have years of experience performing product inspections for furniture, consumer electronics, garments, raw fabrics, cosmetics and much more.

Key Elements of a Product-Specific Inspection:

  • Dispatch specialized auditors with experience in product categories ranging from garments to medical devices.Product specific inspection
  • Incorporate special checkpoints tailored specifically to your product category.
  • Verify the most critical functions of your product on-site in the factory.
  • Collect defect samples for further review or testing.

Where Generic Approaches to Product Inspection are Lacking

Often, cookie-cutter inspections are wholly inadequate when it comes to evaluating the quality of specific product categories. Such inspections may emphasize less pressing aspects of your products while providing only a cursory check of their most important features and functions.

With product-specific inspections, you can be sure that your product will be scrutinized by an expert in the product category. AQF auditors will draw on past experience to hone in on both common and novel quality issues, and be able to offer insight as to the cause and possible solutions for these issues. 

In most cases, inspection results will be issued within 24 hours of completing the service and will give you an in-depth look at the product, packaging and testing performed, complete with comprehensive images of the process.

Results will be marked as PASS, PENDING, or FAIL and will include a crystal-clear breakdown of the issues found. At every step in the process, AQF staff is standing by to answer your questions and get involved at the factory on your behalf to help deal with any quality or production issues.

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