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InTouch Works with Your Factory
Verifying Walmart’s Responsible Sourcing Standards

It is well known that Walmart’s social compliance requirements are constantly evolving to address all facets of ethical supply chain management. InTouch has an acute understanding of the pressures Walmart exerts on their suppliers and vendors.
Our team of compliance experts have successfully executed hundreds of programs for factories and suppliers that supply this retail giant. Our experience ranges from “rescuing” factories who are on their last “strike” (meaning they have already had serious violations in previous audits and must improve in a last audit attempt), to working with factories on sustainability and energy conservation campaigns which have a significant and clearly reported result on the local environment.

In these programs our senior-level ethical sourcing and social compliance auditors work with your factories and vendors on a variety of issues, and help you prepare the paper work required to either become a new vendor, or maintain your current standing as one.

Such programs will address the following aspects of the Walmart Ethical Sourcing initiative:


Evaluating your supply chain for efficiency is an important step in both complying with Walmart’s standards as well as generating cost and time savings. InTouch will work with your suppliers to develop programs aimed at waste-reduction and quality enhancement. 

Natural Resources

As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart pushes its supplier for constant improvement in the streamlining of their processes as well as in the preservation of their surroundings and resources. Improved waste-disposal and resource-control strategies can be developed jointly between InTouch experts and your suppliers.

People and Community

Our evaluations will document and help you better understand the complex relationships involved in your supply-chain. Based on these findings, InTouch can assist in the development and initiation community development and outreach projects as needed.

Energy and Climate

InTouch will evaluate your facilities’ sustainability rating with regards to energy consumption and emissions control. This will allow for the quick implementation of corrective actions to improve the performance of your vendor base in these critical areas.

walmart4.jpgWalmart Social Compliance

If systems are in place for social compliance monitoring, InTouch will ensure they are in-line with Walmart requirements. If you have yet to develop systems then we will build them for you. Such programs may require only one simple audit, or can include more involved on-site monitoring and consultation.

This process begins with a comprehensive audit of your supplier’s facilities which will generate a corrective action plan (CAP). The CAP includes a detailed but easy-to-follow breakdown of the areas of non-compliance found at the facility, along with guidelines on how to correct them.

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