InTouch Privacy Policy

Client and supplier confidentiality

In order to provide the highest level of service, InTouch often requires clients to provide confidential information including, but not limited to: purchase orders, product specifications and engineering data, product manufacturing process data, existing supplier contracts, and factory contact information. In all business dealings we strive to keep this information completely confidential and will not release it except when its release is integral to completing our job.

Any and all information provided by our website visitors and clients will be held confidentially by InTouch and will not be sold to any other person, organization or business.

No information provided by our website visitors and clients will not be released outside of InTouch’s own organization except as required by law.

InTouch will not refer the details of suppliers clients we’ve worked with to any other parties without their expressed prior consent.

Who receives reports?

When issuing reports for Product Inspection services by email, the supplier WILL be included in copy unless the client wishes them to not be included and notifies us in advance.

When issuing reports for Auditing Services (Supplier Review, Social Compliance audits, etc) by email, the supplier will NOT be included in copy, unless the client requests otherwise in advance.