How It Works

Having QC/QA services performed on your behalf is easy. The process generally follows the following steps:


You select the desired InTouch service type and for what production/orders it should be performed (InTouch can advise as needed).


You introduce InTouch’s involvement, by email, to the vendor/factory.


InTouch follows up with your factory/vendor and instructs them in the scheduling process, which is completed via a simple and friendly on-line system.


Factory/vendor schedules the services you have requested with InTouch on the appropriate date, and based on the policy we have explained to them (InTouch will only schedule services that you have previously requested).


Services are performed and you receive notification of the results.  InTouch is standing by to answer questions and provide guidance.


Once you have reviewed and understand the results of the service is it important that you communicate directly to the vendor/factory what next steps you expect  from them (e.g. to ship the goods, to re-work the goods, to wait for further notice, etc.).  Furthermore, if you require a re-inspection it is critical that you communicate this directly to the vendor/factory with InTouch personnel in copy.