Factory Audits and Evaluations

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Regardless of what a supplier tells you about their company, it’s crucial due diligence to commission your own first-hand investigative report for any factory or company in China you are considering working with or have already started buying from. An AQF supplier audit will give you a candid look into any manufacturer’s capabilities, organization, management and quality control protocols.

Recommended to assess new or under-performing suppliers

  • AQF staff attends the factory on your behalf and you receive detailed reporting and photos documenting the actual size, capacity, manufacturing equipment, working conditions and quality level of a potential suppliersupplier-evaluation.jpg
  • Factories are evaluated based on internationally accepted ISO 9001 standards and rated on a variety of key criteria
  • Evaluations are fully customizable and designed to answer your specific questions about a facility
  • AQF staff review the findings with your team in detail and assist with any follow-up needed
  • Reliably determine if you are working with a competent and capable supplier in China
  • AQF quality experts advise you on next steps on how to conduct business with new potential suppliers

What is a supplier audit?

AQF offers two supplier audit services – a simplified Supplier Qualification Audit and an Extensive Factory Audit.

A supplier qualification audit is often adequate for importers who just want to see a broad overview of their supplier’s facility. It offers insight into general supplier information, necessary licenses, employee relations, organizational structure and basic facilities and production equipment.

But when you need a more thorough audit, you’ll benefit from AQF’s extensive factory audit. An extensive factory audit includes all of the same checks as a supplier qualification audit, as well as an in-depth check of the factory’s quality management system.

supplier audit

Tailored supplier audit reports

We can customize evaluations to answer specific concerns you may have and look more closely at specific areas of the factory that are critical to your project. A supplier audit may also include meetings with factory management to explain industry best practices or product characteristics and obtain feedback.

AQF reporting covers exactly what you need to know in order to make informed decisions about using a particular supplier. AQF staff will also review the findings with your team in detail and assist you with any follow-up questions you may have.

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