Factory Audit Services in China

We audit your supplier's factory
so you can be sure you're working with the right one

AQF factory audit services provide you with in-depth, on-site analysis from experienced professionals who understand your expectations and communicate effectively.
AQF’s professional, accurate and detailed due diligence of suppliers in China is the first step in achieving a solid China supply chain built on strong partnerships and trust.

Why Audit Your Supplier's Factory?factory-auditing-services-in-china.jpg

Suppliers often make bold claims about their facilities, equipment, production capacity, and internal quality control procedures in order to win your business. Typically, the only way to verify such claims is to visit your supplier and observe their capabilities firsthand.

What AQF Does for You:

AQF’s auditors are dispatched to your selected supplier, with the goal of quantifying their level of professionalism and production capabilities. A detailed report is then submitted for your review, including images of all production, dormitory, meetings and storage areas of your supplier’s facility.

Furthermore, AQF can investigate a factory’s adherence to ethical standards related to health and safety, employee compensation, illegal labor and sustainability. AQF’s ethical sourcing services help you identify suppliers that are not only fully capable of producing your goods, but who also operate within all applicable local laws and international labor standards.

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