QC Document Development

Quality Checklists, Item Specifications and More

The AQF Technical department has developed comprehensive QC checklists for a broad range of products including medical devices, children’s toys, electronics, and industrial equipment. Checklists can be specialized for different service types, such as an In-Line QC checklist used for Production Monitoring.

All AQF checklists are updated and modified as necessary to ensure that all inspection checkpoints thoroughly address the critical aesthetic and functional aspects of the product.

Recommended for ALL Consumer, Commercial and Industrial Products

  • QC checklist developmentDevelop clear, bilingual QC documentation that will confirm all of your quality requirements and allow you to avoid costly miscommunications with your supplier
  • AQF will provide you the BOM (Bill of Materials), QC  checklist, lab testing documents, engineering diagrams, and all necessary documentation for your sourcing needs.

QC checklists are often the core of any effective quality control program. The checklist is important in two distinct ways. First, the checklist is of course used by AQF auditors to thoroughly check every aspect of a client’s products during inspection services.

Second, the checklist also acts as a central resource that documents the specific quality standards that the client expects, and the factory will be evaluated on. This ensures that all parties are aware of, and have acknowledged the product specifications and requirements.

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