Final Pre Shipment Inspections in China

Mitigate Your Risk With Final Pre Shipment Inspection

AQF’s pre-shipment inspections in China are often the last line of defense against receiving large quantities of defective products. Performed when your order is between 80% and 100% complete, pre-shipment inspections in China also allow for a sample of almost the entire shipment to be evaluated at once.

Pre-shipment inspections are conducted on-site at the factory before containers are loaded and sent to the port. Upon review of the AQF inspection report that is sent shortly after each pre-shipment inspection, you will have the opportunity to issue any corrective action guidelines for your supplier before defective products leave the factory.
pre-shipment inspection

Why Inspect Goods Prior to Shipment?

AQF's pre-shipment inspections allow you to determine the overall quality of your order, and determine the need to issue corrective actions before any products leave the factory. AQF will dispatch an expert team of QC inspectors to the factory to inspect your merchandise based on international standards and your requirements.

What AQF Does for You:

During your pre-shipment inspection, our highly trained auditors will select a sample of finished goods to be inspected, at random and based on internationally-accepted AQL standards. This sample size is inspected against industry and client-determined criteria, referenced by a QC Checklist and approved samples, to determine if the product meets the client’s expectations.

Depending on the product type, a variety of tests may be performed as part of the inspection. Some of these include:

  • Function Testing
  • Testing of electrical components (including power consumption, hi-pot, and earth continuity)
  • General and detailed measurements (such as coating thickness, moisture levels in materials, etc.)
  • Bar code checking and packaging evaluation

Pre-shipment Inspections Will Help You:

  • Eliminate shipments of non-compliant merchandise
  • Ensure product safety and function prior to shipment
  • Eliminate late shipments
Engage AQF for your next pre-shipment inspection in China and discover the kind of detailed reporting you need before making shipping decisions.
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