Late Charge and Cancellation Fee

Late cancellations or service date changes lead to wasted resources as inspectors or auditors already reserved for one service cannot be reassigned to another on short notice. Consequently, AQF must charge our clients a fee of $100 USD per man-day plus any travel expenses quoted for late cancellations or date changes. This late fee becomes the full service amount in cases where you or your supplier request a cancellation or date change after 6pm (GMT +8) 1 working day before the confirmed service date for inspections.

To avoid extra charges, please inform AQF by email no later than:

  • 1 full working day (before 9am [GMT +8]) before the service date when canceling or postponing a service in Mainland China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan; OR
  • 2 full working days (e.g. before 9am [GMT +8] Monday for a Wednesday service) when canceling or postponing a service in all other areas

Other Additional Fees

  • Holiday fee: If AQF inspectors need to work on Sundays or public holidays, a fee of $100 USD applies per man-day.
  • Overtime (OT) fee: Standard working hours for an AQF inspector is 40 hours per week in 6 days (6.66 hours per day). Excluding lunch break, an AQF inspector shall stay 6.66 hours in a factory working per day. Afterward, any working hours in the factory will be considered as OT. An OT fee of $50 USD per hour per man will be applied.
  • Express fee: For orders booked less than 2 full working days in advance, AQF shall charge $30 USD per order. If the booking is made with less than 1 working day in advance, AQF shall charge $100 USD per order.
  • Same-day report fee: If a client wishes to get a report within the same day after inspection, AQF needs to charge $30 USD as an express fee for reporting. This service is only available for orders done in China, Vietnam, and India.