Asia Quality Focus inspectors and Auditors in India are stationed in New Delhi, Mumbai and Karur. In this coverage area, our fee of $298 is all-inclusive for inspections and Simple Factory Audits.

Inspections in India

  • PPI to assure understanding of your product & order
  • FAI for a successful transition to mass production
  • DPI to improve quality during mass production
  • PSI to detect and solve problems before shipment
  • CLS to ensure punctual & safe transport
  • DSS to sort out all the most important defects
  • PM to continuously understand and improve processes

Audits in India

  • SQA supplier assessment (ISO 9001) to see if your
    supplier is legal and capable for $298
  • EFA thorough investigation of your supplier’s
    quality assurance (ISO 9001) from $596
  • CSA corporate social responsibility audit (SA 8000)
    to protect employees and your brand from $596
  • EA environmental audit (ISO 14001) to estimate the
    environmental impact of your supply chain from $596


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In India, Asia Quality Focus inspects a wide range of products in the apparel, garments, textile, jewelry and furniture sectors. Our customers currently produce goods such as shirts, pants, home textiles, lamps, furniture, stationary, diamonds and candles in Indian factories, where we commonly find many major and minor defects. Some of these minor cosmetic defects include skipped stitches and incorrect coloring, while major defects make the product unsellable, such as holes, stains or large scratches.

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