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What is the Pre-Shipment Inspection in China & Asia?

The Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), also called the Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Finished Quality Control, will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed. However, you can specify when booking online if you want 100% of your order to be ready for this inspection. The pre-shipment inspection will take place at the factory, or in some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder's premises or at the pier.

What do we check during a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

During the Pre-Shipment Inspection in China or anywhere in Asia, we cover all possible on-site checks of your products: Product appearance (AQL), workmanship, safety and functionality, quantity, assortment, colors/ measurements/ weight, accessories, labeling & logos, packing & packaging, and any other special requirements you may have.

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What is the benefit of a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Help you to make the best decision. The Pre-Shipment Inspection in China and Asia is the last chance to stay on top of things. If the product quality doesn't meet your requierements, you can cease the shipping process and confront your vendor directly without getting any surprises when you have received the goods.

Which products does AQF specialize in?

    Hardlines                        Softlines            Electronic & Electrical          Luxury Goods        

Hardlines goods inspectionSoftlines goods inspection Electronic and Electrical goods inspectionLuxury Goods inspection

Highlights of this quality control inspection service

  • Discover the types of defects, and what percent of products have defects.
  • See if product quality meet your expectations and order requirement.
  • Know whether the shipping marks, packing and labeling are correct.
  • Find out if the product is working correctly.

Why should I book this quality control service?

Because the Pre-Shipment Inspection in China or anywhere in Asia is essential to check your products before the shipment! Your vendor or factory may not provide you with correct information about the quality of your goods.

Options available

  • Collection of samples
  • Nighttime overtime
  • Western Inspector or Western expert


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