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In a world where time-to-market is critical for success, retailers must also strive to maintain the quality and safety of their products. Consumers are increasingly concerned about these issues and expect brands to control and manage them effectively. In this challenging environment, consumer products testing is essential but often neglected due to limited expertise, time and money. Product recalls can result, damaging the brand’s reputation and causing financial loss.

AQF provides you with a unique online lab testing service that expedites product lab testing and helps alleviate time-to-market challenges for retailers and importers. 

Product lab testing is relevant at all stages of the manufacturing process, from the approved sample through to the production sample and finished goods. For compliance, re-assurance or performance, the extensive capabilities of WORMS SAFETY LABORATORIES allow you to customize the service based on your needs for a wide range of product testing including chemical, mechanical, electrical and flammability testing for textiles, garments, bags, luggage, toys, furniture, gifts and premiums, electrical and electronic products and more.




AQF unique online lab testing service makes product lab testing obligations easy to manage for importers, retailers and manufacturers. In less than a minute, you’ll get instant product testing recommendations and an accurate quote, along with all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision and book your lab tests

This online lab testing service is powered by WORMS SAFETY LABORATORIES who make the extensive expertise in lab testing of sister companies available to all AQF clients. This exclusive service provides you immediate access to a catalogue of more than a hundred tests, plus exclusive, custom designed test packages based on North American, MERCOSUR and European standards and regulations.

Product lab testing for goods manufactured in Asia is mainly performed in Hong Kong. You can also benefit from other facilities in our network in Asia and Europe for other specific needs. The range of products tested includes, but is not limited to, textiles, garments, furniture, toys, electronics, electrical products, personal accessories, gifts & premium products and more.
AQF provides value-added services and saves you time when booking recurrent product lab tests for quality assurance, including pre-shipment testing. Our laboratory experts listen to your needs and design tailored packages, which you can access from AQF’s online system to easily book a lab test and coordinate your sample picking with an inspection. In addition, you will also be able monitor and measure your quality assurance program performance over time.

Toys testing examples

  • ASTM F963:
    Mechanical, Physical Properties
    Safety on Electric toys
    Heavy metals
  • NM-300-1
  • NM-300-2
  • NM-300-3
  • NM-300-6
  • EN 71-1
  • EN 71-2
  • EN71-3
  • EN 62115

Textiles testing examples

  • Fiber composition
  • Genuine Leather 
  • Care label marking check
  • ASTM F1416: Drawstring test
  • 16 CFR 1500.48 & 49
    / 16 CFR 1501: Small part Pull Test and Sharp point/ Edge
  • AATCC 81 pH Level
  • 16 CFR Part 1610: Flammability
  • REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 - Annex XVII 
  • ISO 14184-1: Formaldehyde in Fabric
  • ISO 3071: pH Fabric
  • ISO 17226-2: Formaldehyde in Leather
  • ISO 4045: pH Leather
  • Genuine Leather In-house Protocol
  • EN 14878: Flammability + Fiber composition
  • ASTM F1416 (Drawstring test)
  • EN71-1: Small Part Pull Test and Sharp Point/ Edge
  • ISO 17070 PCP
  • DIN 54231: Carcinogenic and Allergenic disperse dyes

Furniture testing examples

  • EN 12520 - Domestic Seating strength, durability and safety requirements
  • EN 1725: Beds and mattresses, safety requirements and test methods
  • EN 14749 - Domestic and kitchen storage units and worktops
  • EN 12521 - Domestic Table strength, durability and safety requirements
  • EN 581-1- Outdoor seating and tables general safety requirements
  • EN 581-2 Mechanical safety requirements
  • EN 581-3 Mechanical safety requirements

Gifts and premiums testing examples

  • REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 Annex XVII: 
    Entry #23 Cadmium content, 
    Entry #50 PAH, 
    Entry #20 Organotin, 
    Entry #63 Lead, 
    Reach/SVHC Phthalates, 
    Entry #27 Nickel release, 
    Entry #63 Lead, 
    Entry #43 Azo dyes, 
    Entry #22 PCP
  • NM-300
  • CPSIA Section 108: Phthalate content
  • CPSIA Section 101: Lead content
  • EN 120 Formaldehyde
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