13. 6 Steps to Maintain Quality Chinese Manufacturers

Download this episode (right click and save) What measures can buyers take to maintain quality Chinese manufacturers? How can you investigate your suppliers to make sure factories are making a quality product? China is still one of the major manufacturing havens for buyers overseas. But many buyers of Chinese-made products continue find it difficult to find and keep quality suppliers. A March segment of the T.V. program "60 Minutes" examined a large North American laminate flooring distributor that allegedly uncovered toxic levels of formaldehyde. With that in mind, we decided to provide buyers with some guidance on how to bring transparency to their supplier chain. In this manufacturing podcast, Client Manager John Niggl discusses six steps that buyers should take to make sure they're working with a quality supplier in China, including:

  • Auditing the Chinese Manufacturer
  • Drafting a Vendor Guide with Terms & Conditions
  • Developing QC Checklists and Conducting Product Inspections
  • Lab Testing
  • Process Auditing; and
  • Social Compliance Auditing

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