25. 5 Misconceptions About QC in China

Download this episode (right click and save) There are a lot of misconceptions buyers and supply chain professional have about QC in China. In this manufacturing podcast episode, we break down the 5 most common misconceptions and separate fact from fiction.
  1. QC companies work with the factory to eliminate causes for problems
  2. An inspection result dictates if an order should ship
  3. QC companies can impose their will on suppliers
  4. Factory staff clearly understand the buyer’s requirements
  5. Chinese factories only make poor quality products
Find out exactly what a third-party quality inspection service can do for you and how invaluable of a tool it can be for your product. And if you’d prefer to read the eBook that covers this topic instead, check out 5 Misconceptions of QC Inspection in China.
5 Misconceptions of QC Inspection in China