32. 3 Must-Do Procedures for Handling Golden Samples for Manufacturing

Download this episode (right click and save) Imagine that your supplier has just sent you a set of samples for raw fabric that you’re ordering. You’ve approved the samples for mass-production. And now you want to make sure the factory has these on-hand as “golden samples” for reference. Requesting golden samples is a wise measure before placing an order with a supplier for mass production. Few things can compete in providing more accurate criteria than a product sample that perfectly meets your expectations (related: How Experienced Importers Limit Product Defects in 3 Stages [eBook]).

InTouch Client Manager John Niggl walks you through the three procedures you need to know for handling golden samples. In this manufacturing podcast episode, you'll learn about:

  • Measures to take prior to sending samples
  • Where to send your golden samples, and
  • How to properly seal your samples
Approving and sending samples to your supplier is often not enough to ensure that they will use the correct ones for production and inspection. Here you’ll learn three best practices for sending the samples you’ve approved for production back to the supplier to prevent issues. And if you’d prefer to read the article that covers this topic instead, check out 3 Must-Do Procedures for Handling Golden Samples.
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