11. 4 Signs of Integrity in a Product Inspection Company

Download this episode (right click and save) As a buyer that looks for help with quality control, integrity might be one of your chief concerns when considering hiring a product inspection company - and it should be! The integrity of a product inspection company can mean the difference between receiving your goods as you specified and being totally caught off guard. Corruption is a constant threat in the product inspection industry - whether comes as bribery or more subtle forms. So how does a QC company hold their inspectors accountable for maintaining high integrity in the field. And what signs can you look out for in a QC company to determine their integrity? In this manufacturing podcast interview, InTouch Managing Director Andrew Reich discusses four signs buyers should look for to determine integrity of a product inspection company, including:
  • Internal auditing of the company's own staff
  • The kind of company culture that lends to more loyalty and higher integrity
  • An effective company Code of Ethics; and
  • Hiring best practices
Learn about the importance of integrity and how to look for it in a QC company!
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