42. 3 Ways Pollution Affects Manufacturing in China

Download this episode (right click and save) There's no doubt that China is a powerhouse economy. What are the effects, though, on the country's environment and the world at large? Pollution is the short answer, but it has broader implications for manufacturing than you might initially suspect. In this manufacturing podcast episode, InTouch Client Managers John Niggl and Vicky Yu walk you through how China's manufacturing sector is grappling with pollution. Specifically, you'll learn about:
  • The fines factories face for pollution;
  • How brands face greater and greater pressure to maintain compliance and
  • Why factories consider upgrading their production processes.
There are many reasons that your products imported from China might become costlier, and in your case one such reason might just be pollution. This understanding can improve how you interpret your cost structure so you can make the best decisions for your business. And if you’d prefer to read the article that covers this topic instead, check out 3 Ways Pollution Affects Manufacturing in China.
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