50. Social Insurance Violations in Chinese Factories

Download this episode (right click and save) Most importers are unfamiliar with Chinese insurance laws. Most, also, don't think it will affect their business. However, if audit after audit finds a lack of social insurance at one of your suppliers, you might be at risk for a brand catastrophe or a halt in production. InTouch Client Managers John Niggl and George Huang walk you through Chinese insurance violations and their potential effects on your business. In this manufacturing podcast episode, you'll learn about:
  • China’s social insurance laws;
  • Why social insurance violations are so common; and
  • The long-term consequences of social insurance violations
While audits typically regard social insurance violations as "minor", that's not to say that they can't become a major problem. Determine if your business and supply chain are at risk by listening to this podcast. And if you’d prefer to read the article that covers this topic instead, check out Social Insurance Violations in Chinese Factories.
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