52. 5 Things a QC Company Can't Control

Download this episode (right click and save) Despite the potential benefits of hiring third-party QC, there are several things a QC company can’t control. And while getting an inspection completed sounds simple, it can be difficult, depending on the supplier. InTouch Client Manager John Niggl is joined by Manager of Client Services Oliver Knack to discuss some of the things that are out of the hands of QC companies hired to inspect or audit on behalf of an importer. In this manufacturing podcast episode, you'll learn about these 5 areas:
  • Granting access to a factory;
  • Setting a date for an inspection or audit;
  • Providing special inspection equipment;
  • Which product tests are allowed by the factory; and
  • Obtaining related documents during an audit.
While in an ideal world product inspections and audits would occur without a hitch, often this just doesn't happen. After listening to this podcast you'll have a better idea as to what to reasonably expect from a QC company and your suppliers and where different responsibilities lie. And if you’d prefer to read the article that covers this topic instead, check out 5 Things a QC Company Can't Control.
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