57. Top 5 Tips for Negotiating with Chinese Factories

Download this episode (right click and save) Dealing with a factory in your own country might seem like a daunting task. Add those difficulties to negotiating with a Chinese factory, with its own set of cultural and communication barriers, and you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed. InTouch Client Manager John Niggl and Manager of Client Services Oliver Knack walk you through some basic tips for negotiating with a Chinese factory so that you can both be mutually satisfied. In this manufacturing podcast episode, you'll learn about:
  • Being realistic about your upcoming order volume;
  • Bringing the factory on board with your growth objectives;
  • Not falling for factory sweet talk;
  • Not bargaining too hard with a factory; and
  • Bringing your own translator to deal with decision makers

At first, negotiating with a Chinese factory might seem like an uphill battle. But it rarely has to be. Although not every situation is exactly the same, these tips will generally help streamline your discussions so that you can reach an agreement with the factory that accomplishes your business objectives without compromising on product quality (related: How Experienced Importers Limit Product Defects in 3 Stages [eBook]).

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