02. What is a Social Compliance Audit?

Download this episode (right click and save) In an earlier-recorded video segment of Interview with an Expert we heard from Compliance Expert Steve Mogentale as he told us what is social compliance and the risks and ramifications of not auditing suppliers. Steve was nice enough to stick around afterward for an extended podcast interview where he expounded in greater depth on social compliance issues. Join Steve and your manufacturing podcast host John Niggl as they discuss the issues manufacturers really care about related to social compliance, including:
  • What is a social compliance audit?
  • Why do you need to audit your suppliers for social compliance?
  • 5 key violations that cause social compliance audits to fail
  • Violations that retailers will generally accept
  • What are the risks of not conducting a social compliance audit?
  • How has Bangladesh factory collapse in 2012 affected social compliance in the manufacturing industry
Prefer to read the transcript? Click here to read part one covering What is a Social Compliance Audit? or part two, Don’t Overlook Social Compliance Audits.
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